How to setup Echo Alexa

How to Configure Echo Alexa

For the newcomers who are not yet aware of the outstanding device Echo, a simple introduction is required. Echo is a smart hands-free portable speaker that is controlled with the voice commands. It comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth using which it can be connected to the internet and smartphone app. Now coming over to Alexa, it is an application which is a virtual assistant. When you connect your echo with the internet it can assist you with various things. So now you have a general overview of both. To use Echo Alexa you will need to set it up. If you are unaware about how to set up Echo Alexa then you can get in touch with the technical representatives or refer this blog for the guidance.

What does Echo Alexa do?

  • It wakes you up in the morning
  • It turns the lights off or on
  • It also acts as an intercom
  • It obediently obeys your commands

How to set up Echo Alexa

These steps will take you to the journey of setting Alexa in the simplest way. In case you find it difficult then you can take the help of expert technicians.

  1. Download Alexa App: To download the Alexa App you can use your smartphone or tablet be it Android or IOS. Once downloaded you will be able to use the app. You can also download the app on your laptop from its official website.
  2. Plug Echo in: After unboxing, you will need to plug the power adapter into the Echo. If you can see the blue light ring on the device then it is connected. When the light turns orange, it means the echo is ready and you can move to the next step.
  3. Connect Echo Alexa to Wi-Fi: Enter your username and password to establish a proper connection on the network.
  4. Talk to Alexa: You can now start talking to Alexa by waking it by its default name ‘Alexa’. You can change the virtual assistant’s name later on by manual settings in the application.

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When you are done with your steps totally then you will be able to do the required setup without any trouble. But in case, if the setup does not establish correctly then you can avail the assistance from the Echo Alexa customer support number that can be dialed 24 hours of the day.