Solution to Setup Bellsouth email on iPhone

Unable to get Bellsouth email on iPhone

Are you unable to use your Bellsouth email on iPhone? If your response is positive in this case then you will have to do some configurations for having the mail client on your Apple device. Gone are the days when the users can only access their emails on the desktops or computers. Now the times have been changed and the user’s preferences have been modified. Bellsouth email is one of the best email clients used by countless people. It is full features and have a simple interface and can be even set up on any of the operating system platforms. If you want to know about the settings in detail then you can contact Bellsouth email customer support number for better information.

Solution to setup Bellsouth email on iPhone –

  • Open your iPhone and launch the setting app then select Mail, contacts, calendars
  • Tap on add accounts under the same heading and select other as the account type
  • Fill in your name, full Bellsouth email address and associated password in the given fields
  • Enter the server details of Bellsouth email in the other blank fields. (Don’t get confused if you see ATT because they have same mail servers)
  • Enter in the incoming mail server section and in the hostname field, enter your Bellsouth email username. Also in the next space, type in your email password
  • Type in the outgoing mail server section and repeat the same by entering your username and password associated with the Bellsouth email.
  • Tap on next and let the iPhone verify that your recently done settings work.

You can even customize your Bellsouth email settings once the configuration is done properly. Open the settings app and tap on mail, contacts, and calendars then select your Bellsouth email account. Scroll through the settings and set them up.

The given steps work adequately for all the iPhone users but in case if there are some exceptions in your case then without any second thought, just reach out to Bellsouth email customer support number. The helpline is toll-free and stays active round the clock.