Verizon email not working on an Android phone

Verizon email not working on an Android phone

Verizon email comes fully packed with many of the interactive features like more storage capacity, security and protection, huge mailbox size and many more. This email is the best service chosen by countless users across the globe. But the fact it has some hassles too cannot be overlooked. From browser to mobile platform, Verizon works great on all devices, but often gets slow or stops working on Android devices. This is mainly because of wrong configuration or network troubles. So it is your responsibility to first analyze the causes and then derive a solution. But you can also opt for easy road of connecting to Verizon email support where the service agents will help.

Troubleshooting options to fix the problem –

Option 1: Remove and re-add Verizon email on Android

  • Go to mail app and choose settings to add a new account
  • Select POP3
  • Enter your full Verizon email address and password
  • Type in the incoming server port as 995 and security type as SSL
  • For the outgoing server, enter 465 and security type as SSL
  • Fill in your preferences and provide a name to your account

Option 2: Restart the device

This is the best fixture you can adapt to fix the problem. Close all the applications, hold on the power button and restart your Android device.

Option 3: Check for the network connectivity

If you are using Wi-Fi from your home network then there might be some problem with the connectivity, so check the router and if required, reset it. Also if you are using the mobile internet, turn it off for a while.

Option 4: Use a browser for accessing the email

It might be possible that your email account configuration would not have done properly. So you can access the Mobile web browser to check for the problem.

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If these options do not seem favorable to you then it is right time to get in touch with Verizon email support where the team of technical representatives will guide you with the perfect solution. It must be kept in mind that wrong troubleshooting could lead to more glitches.